My family has been in Southern Maryland for several generations and this community is part of my family and is important to me. I have served the Maryland citizens for 30 years as a police officer with the Maryland Natural Resources Police, retiring in 2017. Living and working in this community has provided me with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing St. Mary’s and Calvert counties.

One of the best qualities someone can have is the ability to listen and then work together to achieve solutions. That is what I want to bring to Southern Maryland. I am approachable and available to you, the citizens who make this community so special. I am committed to continuing to serve and represent St. Mary’s and Calvert counties in the State Senate.

Community Focused

Jack Bailey has volunteered for years with different organizations around the community because he believes the people are what matters.

Local Issues

Jack Bailey understands what matters most to you. Check out our platform page to find out more about what Jack intends to focus on as your state senator.

Reach Out

Reach out to Jack to let him know what is most important to you or to donate your valuable time or funds by going to our contact page.