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I worked in public safety for 30 years, and the role of our public safety officers (police, firefighters, emergency medical service providers) is felt everyday throughout our community. School safety is critical for our students. School Resource Officers (SROs) are the best asset we have to protect our children. We need to continue to fund our local law enforcement agencies in order to provide these officers in our local schools. As our Governor continues to aggressively battle against the opioid and heroin crisis, remember that our public safety officers are on the front lines. We need to continue to provide state resources to support our public safety officers, combat this crisis, and use the tools that have had an impact on our local communities – opioid education and treatment.
Education is the key to the future, whether it’s learning a trade or preparing for college. The educational systems in Maryland are strongly supported by our Governor as he continues to work toward transparency and accountability in our schools. We need to secure state funding for our region to provide citizens with the opportunities available in other parts of Maryland. Funding for our local K-12 school systems, our community colleges, and our higher education centers is necessary to provide opportunities and choices for our citizens and will contribute to the economic development of our region.
Healthcare availability and medical treatment is another cornerstone of our community. Our hospitals and doctors are clearly committed to Southern Maryland, but they are often hindered by the health care industry. We need transparency for patients when purchasing insurance. Citizens need to know what is covered and what is not. We must ensure that we have state funding for mental health and substance abuse treatments. We should work to ensure that our state sponsored insurance plans are attractive to medical specialists who can provide services to our citizens. Medical care is critical for our citizens and we need to have the best possible options in our communities.
The Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s natural resources play an important role in the investment that must be made in Maryland’s economic future. The successful management of these resources is dependent based on the cooperation between stakeholders, state agencies, and federal partners. The Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River and Patuxent River are each a vital part of why many of us reside here and we need to protect it.