As part of his graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, Jack had to survey various associates. Some of their comments are listed below.

Positions and titles were at the time of comment submission.

Sgt. Bailey has a passion for his work that makes others around him equally passionate. It is easy to show up every day and check the box 'day complete' -- it is a an altogether different thing to show up every day with an attitude demonstrating a commitment to doing the right thing, doing it well and sticking with it until there remains nothing left to do. I appreciate Jack's passion and commitment to the job and the resources he is charged to protect. Likewise, his passion and commitment make it easier for me to do what I do as I am never far from a team of great staff who will follow through on any request for assistance. That team is lead by Sgt. Bailey. Some people take what they can from the world, others, like Jack Bailey, do what they can to make their part of the world a better place.
I appreciate and admire your enthusiasm and unquestionable commitment to your work. Many times I have witnessed a physical reaction from you as you become engaged in an assignment. A sudden glance, an omniscient smirk, or an outright jump to your feet with hands flailing leave no doubt John D Bailey has a “situation”. If appropriate you tackle a problem with urgency, often with deep thought, and always with a sincere desire to do a good job. As well, you most often give the extra effort to follow up and consider how one action may have rippling effects to other areas. Your enthusiasm is contagious, never lose it.
Sergeant Jack Bailey has an undisputed and well deserved reputation as dedicated, hard working, committed and patient. In virtually every project, investigation, or assignment, he provides an outcome that is thoroughly documented, accurate, responsive, and a credit to our Agency. One specific example I personally witnessed was his organization, personal leadership and documentation of a complex search warrant. What I most remember was amidst the tension and safety concerns of warrant service, he ensured that the occupants of the searched dwelling were treated with dignity and compassion. Sergeant Bailey projects technical, tactical, and professional skills and consistently demonstrates the highest level of integrity, both personally and for his staff.
What I appreciate most about you are your people skills. You are able to find common ground with everyone and then build on those encounters. I love your “story telling “abilities and how you know what is really important in life – your family. You are a true friend and dependable to the end. What I appreciate most about the way you work is your ability to find sensible solutions to issues; to cut through the muck, get to the core problem and take positive action in a way that makes the people involved part of the solution.

I have been honored to have worked with Jack for over ten years in our chosen profession, wildlife law enforcement. During this period together, we have apprehended many poachers from illegal goose hunters to felony conspirators making large amounts of money laundering illegal fish. As a federal wildlife agent, what I most appreciate about Jack's work is his dedication and high level of commitment to catching poachers, his decision making abilities, and his leadership skills.

Jack poses many skills that a good leader must have for which I appreciate. First, he is an effective communicator both interpersonally and to the overall flow of needed information throughout his agency and other organizations. He often effectively communicates his position not only with wildlife officers but with agency managers, biologists and even non-government organizations to name but a few. Second, Jack's networking skills is one of his strongest assets. He can initiate and deepen relationships with others which can result in building a team that has achieved impressive results. An example of this is his work in changing the entire commercial fishing regulatory system for the Chesapeake Bay. In order to affect this he often works with those who have a different opinion or motive.